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Intermediate Conversation 2 (High Intermediate)

  • Pukyong National University (Daeyeon Campus)
  • Fall 2020
  • Course #109819
  • Syllabus (revised 2020.08.31)
  • Room: C25 #522, 530, 531 (allotted rooms, but not likely used)
  • Instructional medium: This course will be conducted with a blend of live Zoom sessions and some uploaded, pre-recorded videos in the LMS. It is unlikely that we will hold live classes in our classroom.

Prof. Kent Lee

  • Office: C25-1103
  • Office hours: By appointment

1 Course description

This course deals with academic English for your college studies, including (1) better English learning strategies, and (2) basic academic English speaking skills for college life. This course is what we call English for academic purposes (EAP), and so this course will be quite different from your past high school and 학원 courses (at least in normal times, it would be quite different; the online format will affect this).

We are assuming that there will be no live in-person classes this semester. Thus, this course will be conducted with a blend of live Zoom sessions and pre-recorded lecture videos via the LMS.

1.1 Readings and materials

The textbook for this course is a course packet, which will be made available in a PDF file in the LMS. Other materials will be available in the LMS and at the course website

2 Tentative schedule

This is tentative, so you can expect changes and other activities, including readings, online forms, video discussion tasks, and other short assignments. GF = Google Form assignment; V = video discussion assigment (via LMS)

week date topics assignments
01 01 Sept. Course intro; learning strategies GF#1: Basic info # survey form
02 07 Sept. Pronunciation: Stress, rhythm Video #1
03 14 Sept. Pronunciation: Rhythm; presentation skills; determiners
04 21 Sept. Genres in literature & media Video #2
05 28 Sept.* Presentation media (PPT, Prezi)
06 05 Oct. Presentation skills; determiners Video #3
07 12 Oct. Midterm prep; genres & tropes
08 19 Oct. Midterm week Presentations
09 26 Oct. Style issues
10 02 Nov. Pragmatics: Linguistic politeness
11 09 Nov. Pragmatics: Implicature
12 16 Nov. Making pitches
13 23 Nov. Pitches; Video production
14 30 Nov. Video production; Presentation preparation
15 07 Dec. Finals week Presentations

3 Assignments

Google Form #1
Personal info & survey form

3.1 Video assignments

You will meet your group members in Zoom, record your conversation, and upload it here. These are minor assignments, worth 10 points each.

Arrange a Zoom meeting, and discuss the questions above. At least one person should record it (it's better if two or more people record it, in case of technical problems). Each person should say his/her name before starting to talk, and each person should speak for a total of at least 1.5 minutes throughout the video. You can do a discussion style, where people go back and forth and share their thoughts, or some other format. You should turn on your video (unless you have network connection problems).

Then at least one person should upload the video in the assignment space below. The other group members do not have to upload the same video; instead, you can enter comments below (like "I am in __'s group").

These are minor assignments, worth 10 points for each person. I will grade you based on your effort (so you don't have to speak eloquent English). Each person should talk for at least 1.5 minutes, so for a group of 4 people, for example, the video should be at least 6 minutes long.

Video #1
Your assignment, due Sunday before midnight, is as follows. Your topic is this:
  • What kind of motivation do you have toward learning English? Is it healthy or unhealhty? Why do you think your motivation is like that? (That is, what made you that way, or what caused you to have that kind of motivation?) Does it affect the way you study English? (study methods or learning strategies)

Concepts: You will need to refer to p. 15 in the book. We talked about these different kinds of motivation:

  1. Internal (or intrinsic) motivation: The motivation is from within you. It is characterized by the following.
    • Interest / desire: You do it out of a genuine interest, such as a personal, intellectual, or social interest. Thus, you aim for a deeper understanding of the topic.
    • Autonomy: You do it because you want to; you feel like it is your choice to study it.
    • Achievement: As you learn, you gain a sense of achievement, or feel that you are improving, or even have a sense of mastery of the subject; this feeds your sense of self-esteem.
  2. Instrumental: This is a neutral motivation, where for you, English is simply a useful tool for learning about or doing something else (like learning / doing business, science, or politics). Your feelings toward English are neutral.
  3. External (extrinsic): The motivation is from outside of you, and imposed upon you by outside forces. You may lack a real desire, interest, sense of autonomy, or sense of achievement. It may feel like an obligation. It may be a source or pressure or stress. It may be to satisfy others, to gain some reward (like grades, scores, a good reputation, or getting into a good school) or avoid punishment (bad grades, looking bad) to maintain a certain reputation (like "I'm a good student" or "I'm smart" or "I'm not dumb"). You are less concerned with a deeper understanding of the topic, and more concered with performance (grades, scores).
  4. Perfectionism: A very strong and often unhealthy extrinsic motivation, which is concerned with how you think of your self, or how others think of you. Motivation is based on high (and sometimes unrealistic) expectations of that you should achieve. Performance is very important. You feel frustrated if you do not succeed.

Video #2
This video assignment is similar to the first one, except that you have the option of doing this as a group, or solo (alone). If you do it alone, you can record yourself via Zoom, smartphone, or however you like.


  • What is your favorite video genre, that is, your favorite genre of TV or film? Why? (It can be a type of TV show and/or movie, since these are generally the same.)
  • Why do you like it?
  • What is your favorite example of this genre, and why do you like it?

Length: If you do this solo, the bare minimum is 1.5 minutes of speaking time. If you do this as a group, then each person needs to speak for at least one minute.

This is due by Monday, and you should turn on your video for this.

Video #3

For your third video assignment, you can do this solo (by yourself) or in a group, and you can form a group on your own of 3-5 people. As before, you can post the video in the assignment space below. Your speaking time should be at least 1.5 minutes if you do this solo, or 1 minute in a group conversation. You will discuss the following.

  • If you were to produce your own film or TV show (or write your own book), which genre would you do?
  • Why do you like that genre?
  • What are the typical elements of that genre (in film, TV or books)?
  • What kinds of tropes, plot and characters would you use? Are there some tropes that you would not want to use? (And why not?)