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Advanced English Composition (Spring 2020)

Prof. Kent Lee

Dept. English Language & Literature, Pukyung National University

Time: Mon 9.00-9.50am


Office & office hours: by appointment

Provisional, temporary syllabus

This website will go along with my syllabus and materials in our LMS for this course, as well as materials that supplement my course book.

1 Weekly lessons

1.1 Assignments

Everyone should fill out the following Google Form, which asks for general information about you, and some survey questions about your attitudes toward English. If you are taking more than one course from me this semester, you only need to fill this out once.

1.2 Week 3, Day 1: 01 April (Wed)

You can look at the handout, and view the lecture video. At times you will need to pause the video, think about the question, and talk to someone. You can arrange to talk to a classmate that you in the department, especially if you know someone taking this course. Otherwise, please find friends, classmates, or other persons, and discuss the questions with them.

This lesson deals with the writing process. This is something that you might have discussed in a previous course, but we will approach it differently, and this will eventually lead to a short essay assignment.

1.3 Week 3, Day 2: 03 April (Fri)

You can look at the handout, and view the lecture video. At times you will need to pause the video, think about the question, and talk to someone.

This lesson deals with the writing process, motivation, and writing strategies. Please fill out the survey when the video prompts you to do so. Later you will fill out an online form to answer some questions.

1.4 Week 4, Day 1: 08 April (Wed)

  • Lecture video
  • Handout available through the LMS announcements
  • Google Form assignment (15 points)
  • Homework: see the sections immediately below on Internet sources, newspaper samples, and news outlets. Answer the questions in the Google Form.

1.4.1 Internet sources

Look at the following websites. Discuss: how reliable and trustworthy are these sites? What criteria can help you distinguish good sites and sources from bad ones?

  1. Pacific tree octopus
  2. CIA realizes it has been using ...
  3. Dihydrogen monoxoide: The truth

1.4.2 Newspaper article samples

Now look at the following news stories about a border controversy in Hong Kong. Which seem biased, neutral, informative, or reliable, and why?

  1. Global Times [1]
  2. South China Morning Post [2]
  3. CNN [3]
  4. Reuters [4]
  5. New York Times [5]
  6. Business Insider [6]

1.4.3 News outlets

Look at the following news outlets, and discuss the following.

  • Which ones seem reliable?
  • Which ones would be worth citing for information in a college paper?
  • For Korea (or your own country), which news outlets would be more reliable, and which ones would be less reliable?
  1. Fox News
  2. Breitbart
  3. New York Times
  4. New York Post
  5. Washington Times
  6. Washington Post
  7. Wall Street Journal
  8. Time Magazine
  9. The Guardian
  10. The Independent
  11. BBC News
  12. The Sun