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About Kent Lee

Kent Lee was born many years ago in Denver, Colorado, but while young, moved to Amarillo, Texas, where he lived for 15 years. He was generally considered a strange child, and later in his youth was known to classmates for his unusual hobbies such as igloo building, self-contortion, and turning invisible.

He later attended Amarillo College, a community college in Texas, and later moved to Indiana to study at Purdue University. He majored in German, a degree that he thereafter never used in any meaningful way. (When asked why he chose German, Kent reportedly explained that it "seemed similar to my native Klingon".)

After much soul searching, he decided to apply to grad schools to study linguistics, under the mistaken notion that it had to do with linguini and Italian cooking. Due to this tragic error, he found himself studying the structure of human language at UIUC, and came to like it. However, he left the program with a master's degree due to the lack of opportunities to specialize in extraterrestrial linguistics.

He then studied teaching English as a second/other language, taught English for a year at Korea University, and returned to UIUC for a doctoral program in Educational Psychology, to supplement his two MA degrees of questionable worth. He found his groove there, as his past research interests and courses converged and led him to the path of psycholinguistics. It is often said that the"psycho" part of the word describes Kent particularly well.

After graduating, he hoped to become a pscyho research professor. That is, if he didn't end up joining a circus, or begging on the street and talking to himself like a schizophrenic. Eventually, he hopes to become President of Mars. However, he considers his dream job ultimately to be a starship captain. He eventually graduated with his Ph.D. (permanent head damage) from Illinois, and has worked in Korea for several years now.

When asked why he was born, he states that it is "because God has an existential sense of humor." To this day, Kent still maintains, at least publicly, that he is not an alien, and is not a communist.