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Survey of English Linguistics

  • Instructor: Kent Lee
  • Fall 2019
  • Time: Tue/Thu 1st period, 9.00-10.15am
  • Room: 202 서관 (Liberal Arts Building)
  • Office hours: by appointment
  • Syllabus (강의 계획)

1 Overview

1.1 Course description

This is a first-year level introductory course to linguistics, which provides a general overview of the field. Students will learn basics concepts of human language and linguistics, and will explore how the English language is structured and used. This course aims to prepare students for university linguistic courses, improving their language learning skills (e.g., English as a second language), and developing an interest it English linguistics.

1.2 Course objectives

By the end of the semester, students will

  1. Understand basic linguistic terminology;
  2. Understand basic concepts of how human language works;
  3. Understand basic structural aspects of English;
  4. Gain study skills needed for the study of English and other languages.

1.3 Textbook and materials

This might be used as the textbook.

  • Language Files, 12th ed., Ohio State Univ. Press.
  • Course syllabus

2 Weekly topics and assignments

2.1 Introduction (Week 1)


  1. What is language? How does human language differ from (a) computer languages, and (b) animal communication? Can animal communication be described as language?
  2. What is a language?
  3. What is linguistics? What is it useful for?
  4. Overview of key issues, origins of the field
  5. Common language misconceptions
  6. Daily poll

2.2 Phonetics (Week 2)

2.3 Phonology (Week 3)

2.4 Writing systems (Week 4)

2.5 Morphology (Week 5)

2.6 Grammar & syntax (Weeks 6-7)

2.7 Midterm (Week 8)

In-class essay exam

2.8 Semantics (Week 9)

2.9 Pragmatics (Week 10)

2.10 Language acquisition (Week 11)

2.11 Psycholinguistics (Week 12)

2.12 Sociolinguistics (Week 13)

2.13 Historical & comparative linguistics (Week 14)

2.14 Other areas (Week 15)

2.15 Final exam (Week 16)

In-class essay exam

2.16 Videos

3 See also

Additional recommended books
  • Sakel, J. (2015). Study skills for linguistics. New York: Routledge.
  • Crystal, D. (2002). The English language (2nd ed.). London: Penguin.
  • Crystal, D. (2003). English as a global language (2nd ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Meyer, C. (2009). Introducing English linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Yule, G. (2014). The study of language. (5th ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.